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Our comprehensive selection of keys for sale includes A5 keys which can be cut to code, in order to fit new door locks or for existing door locks. This type of key offers high quality and reliability.


For high security keys, we offer our very own high security key registration and ordering system for landlords, tenants and letting agents. With our specialised service, we can facilitate the creation of keys and duplicates of existing keys. Within our high security key cutting system, we supply EPS high security keys, DPS high security keys and GEGE high security keys.


Among our comprehensive selection of keys, we also sell fire brigade keys, including FB1 keys, FB4 keys, FB2 keys, FB11 keys and FB14 keys. This type of keys are to be used by authorised individuals to open fire brigade locks.


At Ironmongery Experts we stock meter keys to ensure you monitor your building’s utilities, from yellow meter keys, tee budget lock keys and long reach metal meter keys


Finally, we have available a wide range of key accessories for sale. For safe storage of keys, we supply a weather resistant combination key safe box, which offers 10,000 resettable combinations and holds up to 5 keys. Additionally, we stock heavy-duty key tags, split rings, gaolers rings and contract key tags.

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