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Ring gate latches or gate ring latches are two-sided latches that help you open and close gates from both sides. By turning the ring, the latch will lift and allow you to open the gate. Our ring latches feature a traditional design that will suit a variety of gates, from From the Anvil Black Shakespeare Ring Latch and Bright Zinc Plated Plain Ring Gate Latch Set to Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Plain Ring Gate Latch.

If you’ve been searching for a gate latch or a gate handle, these ring gate latches will be the ideal solution for your garden. In case you are looking for different gate latches, we also supply lockable latches, Suffolk latches, side pull gate latches and more.

In addition to these, we also stock other gate furniture. This includes gate hinges, which will help you smoothly open and close your gate, such as t hinges, reversible gate hinges, hook and band hinges, non sprung gate hinges and self closing gate hinges.

To secure gates, we recommend installing gate bolts, such as tower bolts, lockable drop bolts or padbolts. Padbolts are bolts that have an insert for padlocks. A hasp and staple is also a good addition to exterior doors, including gate doors and shed doors which need to be locked.

If you require any help choosing the right gate hardware for your garden gate, our team will be able to help. Simply get in touch today by calling 01376 557 561 or emailing info@ironmongeryexperts.co.uk and let us know how we can help.

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