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If you have a fire brigade lock for industrial purposes or you work on behalf of the emergency services, you'll know that the keys to these fixtures are very specific. Fire brigade keys are designed to function with particular public locks, and each is carried only by an authorised individual. If you’re in need of a key like this, either for a new fire brigade lock or as a replacement, feel free to browse our selection above.


Ironmongery Experts stocks a huge number of other keys for sale, as well – from the exclusive registration and ordering service for high security key cutting to the efficient copying of more common types of keys like the Yale design, our craftsmen ensure every detail is catered for precisely, whether you’re after A5 keys or a more prestigious configuration.


We also have an impressive selection of key accessories to choose from, should you need any additional components for keeping your keys tidy and easy to find. We stock split rings, gaoler’s rings and key tags for this purpose, so the choice is yours.


Finally, we carry the standard selection of meter keys, so you can keep track of your energy usage. Gas, electricity and water models are all catered for, so don’t fret if you ever lose one.


No matter what your needs for locks and keys, Ironmongery Experts has you covered.

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