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Concealed hinges can be used in residential or commercial buildings. This type of hinges is hidden from view, providing a smooth surface to the outside appearance of a door or cabinet run. These hinges offer ease of further adjustments and removal of the door. We stock a wide variety of concealed hinges, from knuckle squared hinges to concealed hinges for glass doors.


At Ironmongery Experts we supply a large selection of hinges for sale. For cabinet doors we stock cabinet hinges, which are ideal for cupboard doors and other small doors, as well as light duty hinges, which can also be used for cupboard doors or light doors.


For entrance doors, commercial doors and doors that are used frequently, ball race hinges are the best option. Thrust bearing hinges are also ideal for doors that are constantly being used, being perfect for public buildings, such as offices or schools. Washered hinges are ideal and strong enough for hardwood doors.


Broad butt hinges are normally paired with ball bearing hinges or washered hinges. These hinges are mainly used in residential doors and frames. For heavy-duty doors and frames, we supply tee hinges and heavy reversible hinges.


Lift-off hinges are designed for doors that require removal frequently or simply to make the removal process easier, without having to open the door. Spring hinges are equipped with one of more springs to close an opened door automatically.


For doors that require bypassing objects, such as pipes or wooden beams, parliament hinges are the best choice. With holes on the edge of the broad hinge leaf, this hinge is able to clear obstructions when the door is fully open beyond 90 degrees.


Piano hinges are designed to maintain piano covers. Our selection comes in a variety of finishes, including nickel, brass and bronze. We also stock casement hinges ideal for casement windows.


Our hook and band hinges are mostly used in marine applications, as these are water resistant and erosion resistant. To choose the correct hinge, you should consider the size, weight and usage of the door.


Finally, we supply decorative hinges for wooden doors. Within our range of decorative hinges, we stock a wide selection of styles, designs and finishes, including the From the Anvil Small Half Butterfly Hinge and the From the Anvil Beeswax French Shutter Hinge.

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