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Hook and band hinges are the simplest way to help secure any exterior hardware and sustain the typically heavy structures used for gates and doors. We have one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market which means we can cater for hardware of all shapes and sizes.


Another prominent concept within our stock is our selection of tee hinges. This will make the process of opening and closing any gates a far smoother experience.


Heavy reversible hinges are also in sure supply with a wide selection of our models being specially manufactured with strong and reliable galvanised steel. If you’re looking for something that will guarantee a long-lasting and highly functional lifespan, you will need to check out our black heavy reversible hinges. These products have been coated with polyester powder to enhance rust protection.


Further strength can be added to exterior hardware with the use of gate hinges and fastenings. Within our range we have complete sets that come will all the required screws, locks and fixings for simple installation.


An alternative locking system within our range is sprung hinges and coil gate springs. We have a selection of designs that are capable of self-closing either horizontally or vertically. We have ensured that all our products are made with durable polymer as well as stainless steel to eradicate the chances of rust or corrosion taking place.


Another typical piece of exterior hardware currently in stock are gate latches. One of our more signature designs are the Magnalatch products that function with a magnetic latching system to ensure jamming and sticking doesn’t occur during use. These designs are capable of being locked in a permanent manner by using the provided key.


Ring gate latches are the perfect choice for anyone who would like to fasten gates and doors in a more traditional style. Within our range we have Shakespearean, ornamental and zinc plated designs.


If you have any gates or doors that get used on a regular basis, we would recommend equipping them with any of our gate bolts. This concept will help keep your hardware solid whilst making the process of pushing and pulling far smoother. If you want to add some character then we have coloured gate bolts that come in either pink, red, green or blue finishes.


We also have hot bed handles currently in stock, which will provide you with yet another strong and reliable method of pushing and pulling any gates and doors. Strength and endurance are guaranteed with any of our high-quality galvanised designs.  


Garage doors can be safely kept in an upright position if you have a garage door stay in place. Using a strong cord, this concept will allow you to open and close garage doors in a smooth and methodical fashion.


Equestrian ironmongery is also at the heart of our exterior hardware and security range. We have everything you could possibly need to greatly enhance your equestrian setup as we stock paddle poles, saddle racks and stable hangars.


For locking mechanisms to receive even more security, you will need to put in place hasps and stables. With it’s strong combination of two interlocking components, this design will greatly enhance the strength of any doors or gates.


The conventional method of permanently locking any exterior hardware would be the use of padlocks. Given the importance of this particular product, we have ensured that we provide designs made from reputable brands only. This includes Abus patented models that come as standard with a high impact plastic cover and hardened steel body. If you want to see similar products then check out our sold secure range.


A further increase in security can be achieved with any of our security products. At the forefront of our range is the Bulldog shutter door lock that can easily secure wooden, metal and fire glass doors. Quality is assured since these products have been manufactured by British specialists.


Finally, check out our contemporary wireless monitoring set which is on our surveillance kits page. The product has been designed by German company Abus, who are one of the current market leaders when it comes to anything related to modern day security. This complete set comes with two wireless outdoor cameras, a recording device, three power supply units and all the necessary accessories.

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