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At Ironmongery Experts, we have a massive selection of hinges designed for various styles of doors, gates, cabinets and windows. Each of our styles is available in a wide variety of metal finishes, from stainless steel and chrome to brass and cast iron – after all, it’s the finer details that count.


Ball race hinges are a modern staple where hinges are concerned, boasting prominent application in both industrial and commercial sectors. Comprised of numerous chrome ball bearings and a sustainer, these hinges are light, dependable and affordable.


Washered hinges are a variation on butt hinges that includes phosphor bronze washers on the fixture. Also available in stainless steel, these reliable hinges can be utilised on fire doors and residential doors alike.


A hinge intended for lighter doors and cupboards, light duty hinges emphasise a compact form and slim design while compromising tensile strength. Nevertheless, they remain a popular choice where less strenuous doors are concerned.


Thrust bearing hinges cause very little friction, and as such are designed to work with doors that are constantly being opened and closed. Boasting a high threshold for wear and tear as well as a long, maintenance free life, these hinges are perfect for public buildings like schools, offices, hospitals and shopping centres.


Spring hinges are especially resilient when it comes to resisting thieves, making them essential in more residential settings. They also take up no additional space when compared to their more common counterparts.


Broad butts consist of a hinge with two ‘leaves’ joined at the middle. These are used to hold two different objects together, so they’re commonly utilised on residential doors and frames. Reliable and sturdy, these hinges are used across the world in a variety of formats.


Parliament hinges are normally implemented where the door they’re attached to has to bypass an obstruction upon opening or closing, such as on an architrave or down pipe.


Much like the name suggests, cabinet hinges are primarily applied to cupboards, cabinets and other small doors. While they don’t have the durability of the larger models, they’re quiet and light enough to remain unnoticed for many years with no maintenance necessary.


Piano hinges are continuous fixtures that are regularly used to support the lid of a piano. Available in many different lengths, these hinges come in both steel and brass metal finishes.


Tee hinges are applied where surface fixing is the simplest method of solving a door or entrance trap. By spreading the weight of the door over a much wider area, these hinges allow for greater control while lightening the burden on the hinge.


Heavy reversible hinges are hefty hinges designed to hold cast iron gates in place securely while lasting a lifetime. Strong and durable in even the worst conditions, these fixtures won’t let you down.


Made to specification for an assortment of marine applications, hook & band hinges are stainless steel hinges that are galvanised to resist erosion and provide smooth operation year-round.