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Our range of cabinet latches is perfect to securely fasten cabinet and cupboard doors. Within this range, we have available cupboard turns, such as beeswax cupboard turns and pewter cupboard turns, which hold two doors together and cabinet latches which make sure cupboard doors stay closed and easily open when turning the small knob handle.


In addition to our cabinet latches, we also supply a variety of other latches you can use to fasten and secure your cabinet doors, including magnetics catches and roller catches. Magnetic catches provide a smooth and quiet opening and closing function. Roller catches only require a push or pull movement to either close or open the door.


Mortice night latches, also known as rim locks, are also in sure supply. These are used as privacy locks in bathrooms and bedrooms plus, as secondary security methods in front or back doors. These require a key to be opened from the outside and from the inside they can be operated by using the thumbturn handle.


If you are looking for latches for sliding doors, we would recommend you to browse through our wide range of sliding door latches. Within this range, we stock satin chrome sliding door pull latches and polished chrome sliding door pull latches.

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