Locking Attachments

Our locking attachments are ideal to lock important rooms in any commercial and industrial building. These are especially important in buildings which need to be safely locked overnight or store valuable items.

At Ironmongery Experts we stock a large selection of panic hardware to meet health and safety regulations of commercial buildings, including schools, hospitals and restaurants. Amongst our collection, we supply single panic bolts and panic latches ideal for single doorways, double panic bolts for double doorways and push pads. All of these panic products will help the process of opening doors and exiting safely and efficiently in case of emergency.


For added efficiency and security, we also supply a variety of door control products, from heavy-duty door closers for heavy-duty doors and medium-duty door closers to light-duty door closers and electromagnetic door closers.


Additionally, we store a wide collection of fire door retainers, such as the Union Black DoorSense Fire Door Retainer which works hand-in-hand with the fire alarm and when it sounds, the fire door retainer will close the door shut to prevent fire and smoke from spreading further.

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