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Tee hinges, also referred to as t hinges or cross garnet hinges, are hinges are commonly used for ledge doors, barn doors, garden shed doors and brace doors. As the name suggests, these are T-shaped hinges that feature a rectangular knuckle which fits on the door frame and a long tapered strap that fits along the door.

These external door hinges evenly distribute the weight of the door, being perfect for heavy doors, such as barn doors. Nowadays, tee hinges are also used for decorative purposes, giving doors a cottage-style look. These door hinges are available in various styles, materials, finishes and strengths to suit various doors, from exterior doors to cupboard doors.

At Ironmongery Experts, we stock a variety of external hinges for doors, including a vast collection of tee hinges. From heavy duty t hinges, such as Pewter 562mm Arrow Head T Hinge, to Black Antique 318mm Cast T Hinge suitable for wardrobe doors and cupboard doors. The Pewter 560mm Penny End T Hinge is designed for 3’ or bigger doors.

In addition to these hinges, we also supply a variety of other door hinges. From thrust bearing hinges which are designed to be resistant to large amounts of wear and tear to piano hinges which are made to easily open and close large pieces of furniture, such as piano covers. Decorative hinges can also be purchased. These hinges, often called butterfly hinges, are used to give a special final touch to any interior.  

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