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Budget locks are a more unconventional variation of the standard lock and key; unlike the more orthodox mortice deadlocks, these locks utilise a unique key system that makes them ideal for furniture, enclosures, meter boxes, window handles, garage doors and even refrigerators. Budget locks are operated with a generic key or even a tool, such as a coin or spanner. This doesn’t diminish their sturdiness, however, with many being robust enough to support large machinery. We have a varied selection of budget locks for sale, so feel free to browse at your leisure.


Like budget locks, our range of fire brigade locks require universal keys and are most often seen in industrial environments, proving their reliability. Another workplace classic is the digital lock, commonly seen on staff room doors and safes; we stock these in various contemporary models, so finding the one that suits your chosen door or appliance has never been simpler.


We also supply a large variety of mortice latches and mortice bathroom locks, both variations on the mortice sashlock. Designed for indoor use, these locks prioritise privacy and partition over security and resilience, so even locks and latches that don’t require keys at all are catered for.

For the DIY-centric man or woman, try our collection of rim locks & night latches. These locks are modern, easy to install even for beginners, and can be cheaply modified if you end up losing your key.


If you have a more innovative door set up, our sliding door locks and latches and rebate sets may be just what you need. Created to seamlessly integrate two doors while still offering robust protection, these locks remain reliable for years to come.


Regarding doors found in the kitchen and bedroom, our assorted array of magnetic catches and roller catches are sure to snag your attention. These fittings are efficient, quiet, and won’t damage your cupboards, drawers and wardrobe doors.


Finally, we have a huge variety of traditional padlocks for sale. Strong, sturdy and built to last, these locks are primed to resist the elements and protect what’s yours even in the face of rust and other forms of weathering. They come in many shapes and sizes too, so you can always choose the right one for the job.


Whether you’re in the market for locks, latches, or other fittings, remember: your peace of mind is our priority.     



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