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Our selection of screws offers a variety of woodscrew sizes suitable for various jobs. Among our sundry items range we also offer wide selection of other products, including clothes airers and fittings for wardrobe and bathroom rails.


Within our wide collection of drying racks, we store various rotary clothes airers ideal for outdoor use, including the Vileda Supadry 4 Arm 60m Rotary Clothes Airer which can be easily folded and stored if required. This weatherproof clothes airer can be loaded at 180 cm before raising the hoist, when fully loaded the highest line is at 230 cm and the lowest line is at 213 cm.


Additionally, we stock more portable airers, including the Minky Over Bath Airer which can be used on top of any sized bath. With a drying space of 9.5 metres, this drying rack offers space for a medium wash and it is perfect for individuals looking to save space.


To maximise space within the household, pull-out airers could be ideal. This type of clothes airers can be easily fitted anywhere in the house, both indoors and outdoors. The Leifheit Telegant 100 Tidydry Clothes Airer comes complete with the necessary dowels and screws and features a drying space of 7.20 metres, being ideal for a medium wash.


Lastly, we store a wide range of tube and fittings for bathroom rails and wardrobe rails, including hanging rails, wardrobe sockets, towel rail ends, wardrobe rail centres, among various other fittings. Our designs are made from high-quality materials, such as polished chrome and brass.

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