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Lighting & Electrical

Lighting & Electrical


Our range of lighting and electrical equipment is supplied by From the Anvil, a brand of British artisans who hand-forge most of their ironmongery products, offering unique and high-quality products that have a great lifespan.


Within the From the Anvil lighting range, we supply a variety of pendant lighting fixtures which feature an industrial yet contemporary design. These pendants are hand spun from solid steel and finished in either copper or nickel.


We have available three pendant shapes in various finishes, including cone-shaped Brindley pendants, such as black and hammered copper Brindley pendants and pale blue and white Brindley pendants; dome-shaped Harborne pendants, such as smooth nickel Harborne pendants and burnished Harborne pendants; and finally, rounded triangular shaped Hockley pendants, such as green and white Hockley pendants and hammered copper Hockley pendants.


Amongst our electrical equipment range, we stock various From the Anvil electrical switches and sockets, including cooker and fan switches, dimmer switches, tv sockets, fuse switches, standard switches and more. These all comply with the British Standard Specifications.