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Digital Locks

Digital Locks

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Digital locks are a more recent addition to security technology, and one of the lesser known locking techniques. Many offices, retail establishments and apartment buildings employ these high tech gadgets in order to safeguard assets and valuables based in a more public environment. New digital locks are being developed all the time, and we have a whole host of digital locks for sale right here at Ironmongery Experts to make your search easier.


The main advantage of a digital lock when compared to something like a mortice deadlock or mortice sashlock is the distinct lack of any keys. Operating the device involves entering a customised pin which can be changed at any time, so for larger workforces or those who hate fiddly pieces of metal, this lock is ideal.   


Unlike other locks & latches digital locks may require a battery change once a year; in stark contrast with mortice latches, rim locks & night locks, there is no ‘latch only mode’ to engage either, meaning the functionality is closer to a dead lock than a mortice bathroom lock.   


If you require something a little more industrial in scope, our assorted budget locks and fire brigade locks could be just the thing you need. These hefty fixtures utilise universal keys and are usually applied to heavy-duty machinery and components. If you’re looking for a more versatile yet equally strong lock, try our diverse range of padlocks. These come in a selection of sizes and metal finishes to suit your intended function, and all of our locks are completely resistant to erosion, making outdoor applications simple and stress-free.


In the case of more domestic doors and fittings, consider our collection of magnetic catches, roller catches and rebate sets. These fixtures come in a huge variety of shapes, designs and models, and are purposed with ensuring your cupboards, wardrobes and internal doors remain firmly shut and close gently upon use.


For all your metalworking needs, Ironmongery Experts has you covered all year round.