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Snib and releases, also known as thumbturns or thumb turn and releases, are small turn handles often used on bathroom doors due to the emergency release feature. In case the person inside the bathroom requires emergency assistance but the door is locked, the release can be opened from the outside with a small coin or tool.

At Ironmongery Experts, we stock a countless selection of high-quality snib and releases in various sizes, designs, materials and finishes to suit all style and function requirements. Some of our best-selling thumbturn handles include Carlisle Brass Matt Bronze Snib Thumbturn & Release, Carlisle Brass Satin Brass Snib Thumbturn & Release and Carlisle Brass Matt Black Snib Thumbturn & Release.

For public bathrooms, bathroom turn and emergency release handles are also available with a green and red indicator that shows “red” when engaged and “green” when vacant. If you are searching for a snib and release handle with indicator, the Manital Satin Chrome Snib Thumbturn & Release with Indicator is a great choice.

In addition to these snib handles, we also stock a variety of other door handles, from lever handles on rose to lever handles on backplate and even door knobs. Our vast collection of door handles varies in design, style, material and finish, giving you a plethora of options to choose from.

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