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Snib & Releases

Snib & Releases

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Different types of door require different door handles and locking mechanisms. For rooms like bathrooms, toilets and bedrooms, which need to be locked but accessible from outside in emergency, the ideal systems are snib and releases or turn and release locks. These operate without a key and can be locked from inside by turning a snib, but if emergency access is needed, they can be opened from the outside using a coin or something similar.


Snib & releases, including bathroom turn and emergency release locks, come in just as wide a range as any other door furniture. We offer many variations on the standard design, such as the attractive Polished Brass 50mm dia. Snib & Release or the Set Rose Gold (Copper Effect) Bathroom Turn & Emergency Release. Some are on square backplates, like the Set Satin Chrome WC Turn & Release.


If you’re using a turn and release lock for a toilet door, especially in a shared context like a workplace, it can be useful to have an “engaged or vacant” indicator, such as the Polished Stainless Steel Turn & Release with indicator we offer. These can also have larger handles for disabled use, such as the Satin Stainless Steel 50mm dia. Disabled Turn & Release c/w indicator.


If snib & releases aren’t what you’re looking for, we can also offer lever furniture on a backplate or lever handles on rose, including our Swarovski lever range, as well as Quick-Fit door levers and a wide escutcheon range.