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Carlisle Brass Indicator Bolts

Carlisle Brass Indicator Bolts

Securely close commercial bathroom doors with our range of Carlisle Brass indicator boltsThese have red/green indicators which appear when the bolts are locked and unlocked to allow users to know when the bathroom is engaged or vacant. 


To fasten other doors, we have available a selection of heavy-duty straight barrel bolts. These are ideal to close doors at residential, industrial and commercial properties. We have available various sizes to meet your requirements, including 150mmx40mm stainless steel barrel bolts and 450mmx40mm stainless steel door bolts 


Cabinet doors can be further equipped with our collection of cupboard handles. These include child-friendly handles, such as blue lizard cabinet handles and ladybird cabinet handles, as well as contemporary handles, such as modern black pull handles and satin nickel cup cabinet handles.   


Protect your doors from damage with our keyhole coversdoor push plates and door stops. Keyhole covers, also known as escutcheons, are designed to protect the keyhole. Push plates are ideal for high traffic doors which require protection against the day-to-day wear and tear. Doorstops protect both the door and the wall from damage by stopping the door before it reaches the wall, in case the door is slammed shut. 


Store hats, coats and other clothing on our Carlisle Brass hooks. Not only do these give your property a cleaner appearance but allow you to have your belongings easily accessible at all times. We have available single stainless steel robe hookspolished chrome double robe hooksmatte bronze single hat and coat hooks and much more. 


To further protect your doors in case of a fire, we supply door intumescent products, which expand when in contact with high temperatures and prevent smoke and fire from getting through for a certain amount of time. This range includes intumescent fire seal kits for deadlocksintumescent hinge pads and intumescent fire seal kits for sashlocks.