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Carlisle Brass Escutcheons

Carlisle Brass Escutcheons

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This range of Carlisle Brass Escutcheons is ideal to make your door have a neater and cleaner appearance. Door escutcheons are also known as keyhole covers and these have a very important role – to protect your door against damage from the key. You’ll find three types of keyhole escutcheons amongst this range, standard profile key escutcheons, euro profile key escutcheons and oval profile key escutcheons.


If you have a euro cylinder lock, you’ll require a euro profile key escutcheon, such as the black nickel round euro escutcheon, satin chrome euro profile escutcheon or the copper square euro escutcheon.


In case you have a standard deadlock or sashlock you’ll need a standard profile key escutcheon, such as the polished chrome standard key escutcheon, antique copper sound standard escutcheon or the black nickel standard profile escutcheon


If you have an oval profile cylinder, you should purchase oval profile escutcheons, such as the satin chrome oval profile escutcheon, polished chrome oval profile escutcheon or the satin chrome 51mm oval key escutcheon.


In addition to these, we supply keyhole escutcheons with covers, such as the satin chrome Queen Anne standard escutcheon and the polished brass Queen Anne covered escutcheon. These are perfect to prevent prying eyes and to reduce draughts and dirt/dust built-up.