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Carlisle Brass Turn & Release

Carlisle Brass Turn & Release

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Carlisle Brass turn and release thumbturns are perfect for bedroom, bathrooms or any other room which simply requires privacy. These offer a certain amount of security and privacy by being able to lock the door from the inside but can be easily opened from the outside in case of an emergency.


We have a wide variety of turn and release handles, including round thumbturns, such as antique brass thumbturn and release, black nickel thumbturn snib and release, polished chrome snib thumbturn and release with indicator and antique copper snib and release thumbturn. To added grip and function, we also supply stainless steel disabled thumbturn and release handles.


We also have available square snib thumbturns, such as matte black square snib thumbturn and release, copper snib and release on square rose, polished chrome snib and release on square rose and black snib and release on square rose.