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Key & key cylinders, otherwise known as “double cylinders”, are a high security variant of the standard single cylinder lock. This results in a double-sided lock that requires a key no matter which side you access it from. This style of lock has overtaken the more traditional styles such as the mortice deadlock in recent years due to its versatility, ease of use, and inexpensive parts. We have an impressive variety of key & key cylinders for sale, so feel free to browse at your leisure.  


We also stock the similar key & turn cylinders, which are operated via a thumb turn on one side. These locks are more suitable for doors that only need to be locked externally, and we carry an assorted array of designs and metal finishes to suit your door and your aesthetic.  


For a more simplistic approach, our range of single cylinders are constructed to secure storage spaces and other areas only accessed from the outside. Lacking the thumb turn found on key & turn cylinders, this type focuses on affordability.


3-star BS cylinder locks head in the complete opposite direction however, by offering superior protection and theft-proof features. Utilising innovations made to cylinder locks after years of studying modern burglary techniques, these locks are officially certified to provide the most robust security possible in the compact package of a cylinder lock.


If on the other hand you’re simply looking for a replacement rim for a rim lock or night latch, take a look at our selection of rim cylinders. We stock rims in nickel, brass, and chrome, and we provide for a spectrum of sizes so you can customise your lock effectively.  


Because we carry several varieties of cylinder lock, it’s important to understand their differences and decide which one fits the task at hand. We aim to ensure our customers receive the most beneficial experience possible from our products, so knowing what you need can go a long way.