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Key & turn cylinders are a unique type of cylinder lock that builds upon the idea of the single cylinder, operating via a key on one side and a thumb turn on the other. This makes them ideal for situations where an internal lock is required to bar passage from the outside while allowing efficient operation on the opposite side. Commonly applied to fire doors, these locks combine the best of both worlds where ease of use is critical.  


In contrast, our range of single cylinders are designed to only be opened from one side, making them effective at protecting valuables and on smaller storage containers. Promoting the signature compact form and affordable installation, these locks are easily applied and easily replaced while offering a stout defence against would-be thieves.  


However, key & key cylinders provide a more inclusive protection by having both sides of the lock operate with a key. In comparison to our key & turn cylinders for sale, these locks see widespread application on new houses every day, having overtaken the more prevalent styles like the mortice sashlock over the past several decades.


If you’re looking for the most dependable security available, the 3-star BS cylinder locks are an even more refined form of the key & key cylinder that takes various improvements into account, and ensures that even the most determined burglars will be deterred. Sporting the TS007 British Standard, this style of lock utilises many modern features in order to promote the most inclusive protection possible.


Of course, if you simply wish to replace a rim cylinder on one of your rim locks or night latches, we carry a selection of these components in nickel, brass and chrome.

The modifiable nature of rim locks and night latches makes them ideal for amateurs while reducing the cost and time commitment of part replacement and installation.  


Our sizable range of products continues to grow by the day, and were devoted to providing our customers with the quality fixtures they need most, all the time, every time.