Rim cylinders are components of rim locks and night latches, designed to replace the outer rim when modifying or repairing your lock. The most commonly seen brand is Yale, however we stock a variety of these fixtures in several sizes and metal finishes. See our full range of rim cylinders for sale above for further details.


Single cylinders are the most basic type of cylinder lock. Designed for use on lockable containers and storage facilities, these locks are only operational from one side. Also known as Half Euro Cylinders, these affordable fittings are less common than the more security-centric variants in recent years.


For a slightly more modern alternative, see our range of key & turn cylinders. These make use of a thumb turn that allows the user to quickly access entrances from the other side while still utilising the key when approaching externally. This makes them very handy when applying them to fire doors, garages, and other areas that may need to be exited in a hurry.


If you’re in the market for a more contemporary design, a key & key cylinder might be for you. These locks make use of two cylinders and are accessed from both sides with a key, unlike their older brethren. This gives them the edge when it comes to increased security, while still making use of the cylinder lock’s many advantages.  


However, if you’re looking for the most robust protection possible for your front or back door, the 3-star BS cylinder locks are the most advanced and durable locks in the cylinder category to date. Boasting cutting-edge innovations to security technology, they resist modern burglary techniques, rust, wear, and vandalism better than any prior model.


Whatever your fixture and fitting needs, Ironmongery Experts has the key.