Dorgard Fire Door Retainer

Dorgard Fire Door Retainer

A Dorgard fire door retainer, commonly referred to as a door guard, is a device built to hold fire doors open at any angle desired, only releasing once the fire alarm is triggered. A safe and efficient method of promoting fire safety, Dorgards are rapidly becoming more popular in schools, offices and apartment blocks across the UK.


Designed by Fireco, the appliance operates wirelessly and is able to consistently detect the sound of the fire alarm upon its activation, which raises the plunger and automatically closes the door.


In essence, a Dorgard is a simple, compact device designed to allow improved access through a building while potentially saving lives if the worst should occur.


Because its battery operated, all those tricky hard-wiring and energy constraints are completely averted – this also means it’s incredibly easy to install, with no professional help required.


Furthermore, having the option to keep your fire doors open while preserving peace of mind will allow your building to become a safer, more ventilated residence. The Dorgard also meets every regulatory specification and then some, so you can install one with confidence.


The name’s spelling often causes confusion, with common variances such as ‘door guard’ or even names like ‘doorgard’ commonly being adopted due to similarities in the pronunciation of both the Dorgard brand and its function. ‘Dorguard’ or otherwise, there’s never a better time to invest in better fire safety. A dependable, stout line of defense that synergises with your fire doors and creates a secure environment for all. That’s what the Dorgard fire door retainer provides.


We have a selection of Dorgard products to suit your tastes at Ironmongery Experts:


For a fire safety aesthetic , see our “red Dorgard fire door retainer”. To match lighter tones or for a more subtle approach, we have a “white Dorgard fire door retainer”. For wooden doors, we also carry a “brown Dorgard fire door retainer”. And finally, for the much darker tones, we stock the signature “black Dorgard fire door retainer”.


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