Light Duty Door Closers

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Light Duty Door Closers are designed for smaller doors of up to 1100mm in width. This type of door closer is ideal for low traffic and light weight doors. Our variety of door closers are designed to enhance the safety of your home.


These devices aid people to use a doorway, allowing them to smoothly and effectively open and shut a door, preventing the door from slamming, and consequently are vital for light fire resistance and convenience.


Our certified light duty door closers are suitable for flat front doors, domestic garage fire doors, home/office projects and light commercial use.


We offer a range of light duty door closers, from non-handed options such as the Briton 2003 Silver Overhead Door Closer, a door closer designed for doors up to 950mm of width, which is suitable for left-handed and right-handed applications to the Dorma TS68 Silver Overhead Door Closer, that features adjustable power strength by body and arm positioning and adjustable closing speed by two valves to help prevent doors from slamming.


A door close might be chosen by its aesthetics. If you need to take into consideration the door close appearance, we offer a variety of choices, for example silver, gold, polished brass or stainless and satin stainless.


We also supply Heavy Duty Closers, for heavier duty doors, vital for fire safety and access control.


For high traffic buildings which require doors that swing both ways we offer Concealed Closers. If you require door closers that can automatically hold open and be triggered with the fire alarm, please view our variety of Dorgard Fire Door Retainers and Electro Magnetic Closers.

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