Quick Fit Plus System

Quick Fit Plus System

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We offer a wide range of elegant, luxury door handles of all types (even a Swarovski lever range). If your main concern is to get something that can be fitted quickly and easily, though, we have that covered, too.


We supply the revolutionary HOPPE Quick-Fit Plus system. This is based on uniquely combining simple but elegant stainless steel furniture and the Quick-Fit connection that enables even an average DIYer to assemble it quickly and easily.


A range of HOPPE Quick-Fit door handles are available, offering you straight handles like the Set Quick Fit Plus Amsterdam Satin Stainless Steel Lever or elegantly curved ones like the Set Quick Fit Plus Paris Satin Stainless Steel Lever, each one coming with a choice of round or square rose.


Besides the selection of quick-fit door levers, you have a choice of other parts to complete the HOPPE Quick-Fit connection, including round escutcheons allowing for either oval or euro locks, or even a blank option, and snib and release units.


The quick, easy system, which can be used with either 44mm or 54mm doors, is secure and reliable, in spite of requiring no screws to fit, and HOPPE offers a ten year operational guarantee for their products.


If you’re looking for something more elaborate, why not come and browse our ranges of lever handles on rose, lever furniture on a backplate, or a selection of knob furniture. Or you could even try our Italian Swarovski crystal door levers.