Italian Swarovski Lever Range

Italian Swarovski Lever Range

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If you’re looking for door handles that are more special and eye catching than our normal range of lever handles on rose, our Italian Swarovski lever range will look spectacular on your internal doors.


Swarovski’ iconic crystals can be found in everything from jewellery and figurines to high-end clothes, and even on coins. Our Italian Swarovski crystal door levers bring this sense of chic luxury to your door furniture.


The levers and roses themselves cover a broad selection of styles and metals. You have a choice of nickel, chrome and brass, and the usual range of shapes and designs, but it’s the use of the Swarovski crystals that makes each of these designs unique.


The Italian Swarovski Crystal & Polished Brass Shiny Lever on Square Rose, for instance, features a slender, subtle line of crystals, while the Italian Swarovski Crystal & Polished Chrome Diamond Lever on Square Rose has larger, more boldly stated crystals. For a crystal-covered lever, the Italian Swarovski Crystal & Satin Chrome Lux Lever on Square Rose provides an impressive surface, or you could focus on a single crystal with the Italian Swarovski Crystal & Polished Brass Solitaire Lever on Square Rose.


If our Swarovski lever range isn’t what you’re looking for, try browsing our selection of lever furniture on a backplate, or our wide choice of knob furniture, escutcheons or snib and release options. If you want something you can fit quickly, you could try the Quick-Fit Plus system.