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Our range of secondary level security products features security products by the British manufacturer Bulldog Security, including garage door locks for metal, wooden or glass fibre garage doors, which are secured to the ground to prevent levering the door; as well as high-security drill and pick resistant double door locks.


For further security we also have our Sold Secure range, consisting of various locking mechanisms which are certified 'Sold Secure Silver' and CEN 4 (Central European Norm Grade 4), such as heavy-duty padlocks, weatherproof padlocks and heavy duty hasp and staples. In case you are looking for simple to use but still secure padlocks, we have various types of padlocks currently in stock, including keyed padlocks, combination padlocks, among others.


Our high-security padlocks can be used to lock the hasp and staple of your gate door or shed door to prevent intruders from opening the doors. In case you require a hasp and staple for your doors, we’ve got a wide selection for you, including heavy-duty hasp and staples to marine grade hasp and staples.


Looking for an alternative? We also stock door bolts to secure the door and door latches for added security. Our door bolt range include foot operated bolts, spring chain bolts, door drop bolts, straight tower bolts, monkey tail bolts, padlock bolts, among various others. You can choose to simply have a door bolt or perhaps combine it with a door latch. We have a wide collection of door latches available, from traditional ring gate latches to more modern magnetic gate latches, such as the MagnaLatch.


If you want to have a surveillance system installed in your home or office, we recommend our wireless monitoring kit. This system comes complete with two outdoor weatherproof cameras featuring night vision, motion detection with alarm function, as well as three power supply units and a simple to use app to be able to monitor the video recording at any time.


Among our range of exterior hardware and security, we store various door hinges and gate hinges, such as sprung hinges and coil gate springs, heavy reversible hinges, hook and band hinges and tee hinges. If you require to hang an outdoor door or your gate door, perhaps our hinge range would be the ideal choice for you. We currently have in stock a wide variety of tee hinges, including black tee hinges, coloured tee hinges, light tee hinges and hinges handcrafted from Anvil.


In addition to this, we also store black heavy reversible hinges and galvanised steel reversible hinges within our heavy reversible hinges range. Hook and band hinges are also in sure supply and we’ve got these available as straight, cranked and adjustable hinges. Additionally, sprung hinges and coil gate springs for metal, wooden and vinyl gate doors.


Gate hinges and fastenings are also available within our range. Among these we stock double strap bands, adjustable bottom fittings, adjustable hooks on plate and adjustable hinge sets which come equipped with all the necessary fittings for an easy and quick installation.


In case you are looking for galvanised gate door handles which can provide strength and durability, our hot bed handles are the perfect choice. This simple door handle is an effective method of operating any exterior door, including gate doors and shed doors.


Your garage doors can be both safe and practical with any of our garage door holders. Each of our garage door stays comes with a pull cord to help open the garage door and will keep the garage door in an upright position for you to safely enter and exit.


Finally, we also stock equestrian ironmongery, including paddle poles, stables hangars, saddle racks, rug rails, gate hinges, saddle stands, hook hangars, among various other equestrian products. In case you are looking to upgrade or update your stables, view our full selection of equestrian ironmongery at Ironmongery Experts.

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