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Anvil Bolts

Anvil Bolts

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From the Anvil bolts are used to secure doors. These are used on entrance doors as an additional security method and on bathroom and bedroom doors for privacy. This selection of bolts comes in a variety of styles and finishes to meet your requirements.


We have available universal bolts, such as the aged bronze universal bolt and the pewter straight shepherds door bolt, which are multipurpose bolts that can be used on windows and doors, vertically or horizontally.


Additionally, we supply From the Anvil fishtail door bolts, including bronze straight fishtail door bolts and black cranked fishtail door bolts. Fishtail bolts get their name from their handle shape, as they have a curled fishtail-like handle; and these can either be straight or cranked whether they are for inward opening doors or outward opening doors, respectively. The same applies for our monkeytail door bolts, which have a curled monkeytail handle, including the black antique monkeytail door bolt.


Flush door bolts are mostly used for sliding doors, french doors or folding doors. We supply pewter flush door bolts, black stainless steel flush bolts, among others. These can be installed on the door face or edge. French doors can also be securely closed with french monkeytail door bolts, including the pewter monkeytail door bolt.


Knob door bolts are also in sure supply. These have a knob handle and can be used on outward opening doors or inward opening doors, depending on the bolt.