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Anvil Cabin Hooks

Anvil Cabin Hooks

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From the Anvil cabin hooks are ideal to secure doors open, preventing doors from swinging and damaging the wall. Wall damage can also be prevented by installing a mounted door stop or a skirting door stop. To prevent damage to the door itself, we would recommend having a browse through our range of kicking plates and finger plates.


Door chains are used to prevent individuals from getting access to your home when used in combination with other security mechanisms. With a door chain, you are able to open the door slightly and communicate with individuals outside your home without having to fully open the door. In case you want to see the person who’s outside without being seen, we would recommend installing a door peephole. A thumbturn lock can be used as a secondary security method but is mostly used as a privacy mechanism in bedrooms and bathrooms.


Additionally, we supply various other ironmongery products for entrance doors. For doors that don’t have door handles, we have available door cylinder pulls and centre door knobs to aid closing the door shut.


Door knockers are perfect to be used as either a decorative piece but can also be used by your visitors to alert you of their presence. In addition to our door knockers, we supply a wide range of letter plates with and without door knockers. To prevent draughts and to give an overall neater appearance to any door, we have available letter tidies and keyhole covers.