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Anvil Cylinder Pull

Anvil Cylinder Pull

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Our collection of From the Anvil cylinder pulls is ideal for doors which don’t have a door handle or centre door knob. Cylinder pulls are used to pull the door closed from the outside, while our thumbturn locks are very helpful when closing the door from the inside, as they automatically close the door. At Ironmongery Experts, we have a wide selection of door cylinder pulls to meet any of your requirements, from traditional pulls perfect for cottage doors and historical renovations, such as the euro door cylinder pull, to contemporary cylinder pulls ideal for any modern home, such as the rim cylinder pull.


Doors can also be further equipped with other types of ironmongery, inclusive of letter plates, letter tidies and door keyhole covers, which are used to not only used to prevent draughts from passing through the door’s openings but also to give a neater appearance to the door. Door numerals and letter are also a great addition to any front door.


Our range of door knockers will provide you with a wide choice of styles and finishes. Door knockers are not only a perfect statement piece for your door, but they are also very functional and easy to install. Additionally, our peepholes and door chains are two great options to increase your overall security and privacy.


To prevent doors from making dents and scuff marks on the wall when being swung too quickly or widely, we supply a wide variety of door stops. Our selection of door stops includes floor mounted door stops and skirting door stops. While door stops are ideal to avoid marks on walls, our selection of kicking plates are used to prevent dents on the bottom of doors.