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Anvil Door Chain

Anvil Door Chain

Our range of From the Anvil door chains is ideal for entrance doors. Door chains offer extra security when dealing with strangers, allowing you to open the door slightly to communicate with individuals outside your home. This product should be combined with other door security methods, such as a door lock and rim lock for added security. Door peepholes are also a good security and privacy addition to any front door.


To pull front doors closed when there isn’t a door handle present, we would recommend purchasing a cylinder pull or a centre door knob. For interior doors which simply require a privacy locking mechanism, our range of snib and release locks is ideal.


Door knockers are used by visitors to alert you of their presence. Our selection of From the Anvil door knockers are practical yet stylish. To further decorate your entrance door, we supply door numerals and letters, as well as letter plates with and without door knockers. Some of our letter plates come complete with a draught proof cover if that’s what you require. Alternatively, we also sell letter tidies which can help to prevent draughts.


To prevent dents and marks on doors, we supply finger plates and kicking plates. These will protect the door and prevent further damage. We also have available cabin hooks and door stops in order to keep the door open and to prevent damage to the wall.