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Anvil Finger & Kick Plates

Anvil Finger & Kick Plates

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From the Anvil finger plates and kick plates are used to prevent damage to doors. This ironmongery product is mainly used in commercial buildings where doors suffer from a great amount of traffic, however, can be installed in residential properties as well. While door plates prevent damage to the door itself, door stops and cabin hooks are ideal to prevent damage to the wall, which usually happens when opening doors too widely or quickly.


To help close an entrance door from the outside, we would recommend fitting a centre door knob or a cylinder pull. Entrance doors can be further equipped with other ironmongery products, including door knockers, which are not only functional but are also a stylish piece for front doors. We also have available a selection of letter plates combined with door knockers, such as the art deco letter plate.


From the Anvil numerals and letters are perfect to enhance the overall look of your front door. Letter tidies and escutcheons will give a neater appearance to any door.


Snib and release locks are usually used as a privacy mechanism to close bedroom and bathroom doors. However, these locks can also be used as a secondary locking mechanism in front doors. Door chains can also be used as a secondary locking mechanism when combined with a door lock. Finally, door viewers or peepholes are perfect to offer extra security and privacy in any property.