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Anvil Numerals & Letters

Anvil Numerals & Letters

From the Anvil numerals and letters are ideal for historical buildings, cottages, traditional houses, period homes, A grade listed buildings, as well as more contemporary buildings. Numerals and letters are used for easy identification of properties, as well as to embellish entrance doors. Our numerals and letters are available in a variety of finishes, including black, polished brass, satin chrome, polished nickel, and more.


To further decorate your front door, we would recommend having a browse through our range of From the Anvil door knockers. Door knockers such as the brass lion’s head knocker and the Shakespeare door knocker are the ideal statement piece for any front door. We also have letter plates which incorporate door knockers, such as the art deco letter plate and brass postal letter plate.


Centre door knobs can also be used as a decorative piece on entrance doors. These are also a practical product, as they can be used to pull doors closed if the door doesn’t have a door handle or a door cylinder pull.


To prevent draughts and to give a neater appearance to doors, we supply a range of letter tidies and door escutcheons, which are keyhole covers.


For security when dealing with strangers, we have available From the Anvil door chains and door viewers. Door chains are easy to install and allow you to partially open the door to speak to individuals outside your home, while door viewers enable you to view who’s outside your door without having to open the door.