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Anvil Hooks

Anvil Hooks

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From the Anvil hooks have been hand forged by their artisans and feature stunning detailing work. Among this range, we have available coat hooks, hat and coat hooks, cup hooks and L hooks.


Coat hooks, such as the aged brass period coat hook, are used to keep coats neat and tidy. These can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, entrance halls and other places around the house. These feature a simple design, yet they are strong enough to hold a variety of items.


In addition, we have available Fleur-de-lys hooks which are highly decorative, yet functional and are able to hold various coats or even curtain poles. To hold coats, plus hats, we supply hat and coat hooks, such as the traditional black hat and coat hook.


Anvil cup hooks feature a decorative twist detail and gentle curve design. These are suitable for hanging cups, holding a wooden rail or a simple bathroom robe. Cup hooks come available in a variety of sizes and finishes, including small black cup hooks and large pewter cup hooks.


Finally, L hooks feature an L-shape and don’t require any screws, as these are hammered straight to the wall or wooden backing plate. All of these hooks combine durability, functionality and traditional design.