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Jigtech Latches & Bolts

Jigtech Latches & Bolts

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Jigtech latches and Jigtech bolts are perfect to provide additional privacy to any door, whether it is a bathroom door or a bedroom door. Simply pair these fixtures with a Jigtech lever handle and Jigtech privacy cover rose. Assemble Jigtech handles quickly and easily with the Jigtech installation kit, which comes complete with all the necessary fittings you might require.

Our selection of Jigtech latches come complete with a Jigtech spacer, which works with the handles to form this free-hassle system. Jigtech also supplies magnetic latches that use a magnetic insert in the latch bolt to activate when the door is closed.

In addition to this, we supply standard door latches and door locks, ideal for both residential and commercial buildings. Our range of mortice deadlocks and mortice sash locks offer efficient and simple designs and are available in a variety of sizes.

Our selection of sliding door latches and mortice latches are self-locking, easy to install and very functional. Digital locks are also a good and modern option to lock any room which might store sensitive information, expensive belongings or a room that simply requires a secondary locking mechanism.