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If you have doors that simply have to be pulled open, with no need for levers or locks, the ideal solution is to use pull handles on rose, and we offer a wide selection of pull handles on rose for sale. They come in brass, chrome and stainless steel, and are styled in designs that range from functional modernist to a touch of baroque.


The classic design for pull handles is the straight bar, and we have a wide choice of these, such as the 229mm Polished Brass Studio H Pull Handle on rose or the 229mm Polished Chrome Calla Pull Handle on rose.


If you want to buy pull handles on rose that are a variation on the straight bar, you could go for the 229mm Polished Chrome Stella Pull Handle on rose or the 229mm Polished Brass Veronica Pull Handle on rose, or even abandon the straight line with the 229mm Polished Chrome Esprit 2 Pull Handle on rose. We also supply the Satin Stainless Steel 19 x 425mm Mitred Pull Handle.


If new pull handles on rose aren’t to your taste, you might prefer pull handles on plate, and we have a wide selection of pull handles and plates for sale. Other types of pull handles in stock include back to back pull handles, bolt through pull handles, face fix and cranked handles, cabinet & kitchen handles and flush pulls, and we also have a choice of kicking plates and push plates available.


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