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How to draughtproof your front door

With the colder days becoming more and more apparent, it’s important to keep you, your family and your home warm. If you haven’t draughtproofed your home, it’s most likely that draughts are the main culprits of letting warm air out and cold air in.

By draughtproofing your home, you’ll ensure that the hot air stays in and that your home keeps comfortable and warm. Draughts can be found in windows, doors, floorboards and chimneys, however, one of the main ways that cold air enters your home is from your front door. To learn how to draughtproof your entrance door, continue reading below.

Cover the keyhole.

Don’t underestimate the small hole where you put your key through. To prevent unwanted draughts from coming in through this opening, we’d recommend purchasing a keyhole cover, also known as an escutcheon cover.

At Ironmongery Experts, we have available a wide range of keyhole covers, including beeswax oval standard keyhole covers, polished nickel round keyhole covers, polished brass teardrop shape keyhole covers, black gothic keyhole covers, Florentine bronze covered escutcheons and rosewood and nickel beehive keyhole covers.

Seal the letterplate.

To stop cold air getting in without blocking your mail, we’d recommend purchasing a letterplate tidy, such as our brass curved foam lined letterplate tidy or a letterplate which comes complete with an internal flap, including our black traditional letterboxes and pewter traditional letterboxes. Don’t forget that when purchasing a letter tidy or letterplate, remember to measure your current one to ensure a smooth and quick installation.

Consider the bottom gap.

The bottom gap can be easily blocked out with a draught excluder, such as a door snake.

Weatherstrip the gaps around the edges.

Weatherstrips can be easily fitted on the edge gaps of your front door to seal any draughts. These can also be used on drafty windows.

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