Front doors should be the most secure part of your home. Most burglars break-in through the front door and not through windows or through the back door as many people think. However, all of these entry points should still be secured.

At Ironmongery Experts, we supply a wide range of safety and security products to burglar-proof your home. In case you are thinking of upgrading your front door security or if you are simply looking to know more about front door security, continue reading our guide below.

Have a good quality door.

We know that this tip might be an open secret, however, doors suffer a lot of wear and tear and are often neglected, which could lead to them being more easily broken into. If your door starts to show its age, maybe it’s time to either repair it or replace it altogether.

Invest in some good quality front door hardware.

Door hardware is often called door furniture or door accessories. This type of hardware includes door handles, hinges, door locks, bolts, among others. Old door furniture can make it easier for a burglar to break-in and can make the door more vulnerable to kick-ins. Investing in high-quality door furniture could prevent this from happening or at least, make it more difficult to happen.

For front doors, we would recommend installing British Standard BS3621 rated mortice locks. These are theft-resistant five lever locks which require a key to both lock and open the door. To meet this standard, the lock must have an anti-picking mechanism and it must be able to withstand both drill attacks and bolt attacks for at least five minutes. We have a variety of mortice locks which meet this standard, including the stainless steel 64mm euro cylinder sash lock and the stainless steel 76mm euro cylinder deadlock.

The TS007 3 star child safe cylinder locks are also perfect for front doors. These are anti-snap, anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-pick door locks and offer over 800,000 different key combinations.

Consider secondary security methods.

Rim door locks, bolts and door chains are a great addition to any front door for added safety and security. Rim locks or nightlatches are usually used as a primary security mechanism for bedroom and bathroom doors to offer privacy. However, rim locks are also perfect for front doors when combined with a mortice lock.

There is a variety of bolts which can be used for entrance doors, including mortice bolts and surface bolts. Mortice bolts insert a bolt into the door using a thumb turn handle or a key. Surface bolts, such as the polished brass surface bolt, feature a simple slide function and are easy to install and to remove if necessary.

In case someone has just knocked at your door or rang the doorbell, the first thing you should do is either peak through the door peephole, a window or even the letter plate (if all else fails). The last thing you should do is open the door if you aren’t sure who is on the other side.

A good alternative is installing a door chain, such as our best-seller polished chrome door chain. A door chain will allow you to open the door slightly to communicate with the person who is outside without having to fully open the door.

Get another pair of eyes.

Nowadays security cameras are much more than another set of eyes. Wireless security cameras allow homeowners to view their home and anyone who comes nearby from any location and offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • - Deterring crime. The sole presence of outdoor cameras can deter criminals from coming near your home.
  • - Checking in on the family and pets.
  • - Identifying criminals and aiding the police. If your home has been broken into, security cameras would have recorded the event and the video footage will help the police find the culprits.

Our wireless monitoring system comes complete with two outdoor cameras, which have a recorder and motion detection and feature an alarm function and infrared night vision function. The video footage from this monitoring system can be watched from iOS and Android devices via an app.

We hope that these tips have been helpful in keeping your front door more secure. We understand the importance of having a secure entrance door at home but remember to also secure your back door and windows. If you have any questions regarding our ironmongery products, feel free to give our team a call on 01376 557 561 or email us at