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Types of door knockers

Door knockers have been used for centuries, with the first ever door knocker being found in Ancient Greece. This type of door furniture has always been a staple in most homes in England, however, in other countries door knockers started going out of fashion due to the invention of electric doorbells.

Nowadays, door knockers are still a common feature in British homes, but now they convey a different use, being more ornamental than functional.

There are two main types of door knockers: surface mounted door knockers and through-the-door knockers. Surface mounted knockers are fixed on the surface of the door with screws, whilst through-the-door knockers are attached from the inside with bolts which go through the whole door.

Door knockers are available in various materials, including brass, cast iron, bronze, steel among others, plus various styles. This wide selection enables the customer to choose the perfect door knocker for their property. We would recommend choosing door knockers in accordance with the overall décor of the house, however, this is not a rule, you can choose a door knocker which reflects your own style and personality.

At Ironmongery Experts, we have a large range of door knockers for sale, perfect for all types of houses, from period homes to more contemporary properties. Here are a few stunning door knockers which will make a first great impression with your guests.

Polished chrome urn door knocker

This door knocker is ideal for both contemporary and traditional homes, exuding elegance and class. Besides its timeless appearance, this door knocker also features a 10-year mechanical guarantee.

Aged bronze doctors door knocker

This design dates back to early Georgian times, when doctor’s houses would have the same type of door knocker in order to be easily identified. This specific knocker has been hand-forged by From the Anvil and it is available in other finishes.

Bright stainless steel Slimline door knocker

Minimalist and elegant door knocker ideal for a contemporary home. It features an FD30/60 & FD120/240 fire-rating, plus it is manufactured with grade 316 stainless steel which has anti-corrosion properties.

Polished brass lions head door knocker

One of the most popular styles of door knockers in England, being the statement piece of the famous 10 Downing Street door, home to the Prime Minister. For some, the lion’s head symbolises bravery, nobility and strength.

Antique pewter loop door knocker

This solid Victorian traditional style knocker is designed for narrow centre door panels. This door knocker is fixed with two hexagonal nuts which bolt through the door.

Polished chrome ring door knocker

Stunning door knocker suitable for a variety of houses. It features a highly elegant design and comes complete with all necessary fixings.

Beeswax pear shaped door knocker

Crafted from a single piece of steel, this door knocker showcases every hammer blow by skilled artisans at From the Anvil. It features an interesting twist design and is suitable for traditional properties, historical renovations and cottages.

Polished nickel period Slimline art deco door knocker


This door knocker is forged from solid brass and is fitted to doors using a bolt-through fixing for the knocker and strike plate, which is finished with a small knob on the internal part of the door.

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