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Types of fire safety signs

Fire safety signs are a crucial part of fire safety within the workplace. According to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, all workplaces are required to have proper safety signs which clearly indicate escape routes, emergency exits, fire alarm call points and firefighting equipment.

At Ironmongery Experts, we have available a wide range of fire safety signs to ensure your staff and visitors know what to do in the unfortunate event of an emergency.

Colour explanation.

Fire safety signs have distinct colours depending on their purpose. In the United Kingdom, fire exit signs are green and white as this colour combination indicates a safe condition, whilst fire door signs are blue, as these are used to sign a mandatory action. These requirements are set by the BS 5499.

Fire exit signs

Fire exit signs, as mentioned above, are coloured green. They must feature an image of a walking man and an arrow. This arrow comes in various directions to be displayed along the exit route to point towards the quickest way to safety. This type of sign usually includes auxiliary text to ensure that the image meaning is understood by everyone.

Fire exit door signage

All fire doors should be marked with the appropriate signage depending on the type of exit.

Fire action notice

This type of sign is used to inform both staff and visitors of what actions to take in the event of a fire/fire alarm sound. Fire action notice signs give information such as phone number to call the fire brigade, assembly point information, address of the building, amongst other essential information.

Fire safety signs positioning.

It is also important for signs to be installed at an appropriate height to be visible from a distance. For instance, wall signs should be installed 1.7 metres from the floor and signs above doors should be installed 2 metres from the floor.

For more information on how to be prepared and safe in case of a fire, read our fire prevention tips. If you have any questions regarding our products, don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01376 557 561.