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Carlisle Brass Letter Plates

Carlisle Brass Letter Plates

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Shop our collection of Carlisle Brass letter plates today. From polished brass letter plates with knockers and plain polished chrome letter plates to stainless steel letter plates and more. To prevent draughts coming through the letter plate opening, we would recommend purchasing one of our letter plate tidies.


We also supply a variety of other entrance door hardware, including centre door knobs and door cylinder pulls, which help close entrance doors from the outside. These come in a variety of designs and finishes, including satin chrome cylinder pulls, polished brass cylinder pulls, Florentine bronze centre door knobs and stainless steel centre door knobs.


In addition to this, we supply a wide range of door knockers and bell pushes, ideal to alert the property owner or tenant that there is someone at the door. This range is inclusive of traditional options, such as lion’s head door knockers and Florentine bronze bell pushes, and modern options, including stainless steel oval bell pushes and simple brass door knockers.


Finally, we have available door viewers and door numerals. Door viewers, also known as door peepholes, add extra security and privacy to your front door whilst door numerals are highly important to guarantee your property is easily identifiable.