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Carlisle Brass Entrance Door Hardware

Carlisle Brass Entrance Door Hardware


Our range of Carlisle Brass entrance door hardware is inclusive of a comprehensive selection of ironmongery you can use to enhance your front door, from door knockers to door numerals and more. Entrance door hardware is not only functional but will also add a decorative touch to the exterior of your property.


We supply modern letter plates for commercial and residential properties in various colours and sizes, including polished brass letter plates, polished chrome letter plate with knocker and stainless steel letter plates. These feature a sprung inward opening flat and a clean and simple design.


To polish the appearance of letter plates and to reduce draughts from this opening, we have available a wide selection of Carlisle Brass letter tidies, from polished chrome letter tidies to polished brass letter tidies.


For visitors to alert homeowners of their presence, we have available door knockers or their modern alternative, bell pushes. These can be used individually or can be used together to give your front door a more stylish appearance. Add extra security to your front door by installing a door viewer.


To help close the door shut from the outside, a centre door knob or a cylinder pull should be fitted. Cylinder pulls are a simple and discreet whilst centre door knobs are elegant and bold, thus have a greater impact on the overall look of front doors.


Carlisle Brass door numerals and letters are highly important to any entrance door. Having an easily identifiable door number will ensure that anyone who comes to visit will be able to easily find your house or office.