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Carlisle Brass Piano Hinges

Carlisle Brass Piano Hinges

Carlisle Brass piano hinges come in various sizes and finishes to meet your requirements. These are also known as continuous hinges and are used to offer extra support to the length of doors. Find nickel plated piano hinges, brass piano hinges and bronze piano hinges within this selection of products.


In addition to our continuous hinges, we also supply concealed hinges and non-concealed hinges, including ball bearing hinges and washered hinges. Concealed hinges are, as the name mentions, hidden hinges – these are fully out of view when the door is closed.


Carlisle Brass ball bearing hinges can be used in all types of environments, from industrial and commercial settings to domestic use. These offer a smooth operation and can be installed in fire doors. We have available matte bronze ball bearing hinges, polished nickel ball bearing hinges, bronze ball bearing hinges and much more.


Washered hinges are a good alternative to ball bearing hinges. These feature smaller knuckles and phosphor bronze washers. Within this range of hinges, we have available a wide collection of sizes and finishes, including satin brass washered hinges, antique brass washered hinges and satin nickel washered hinges.