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Carlisle Brass Hinges

Carlisle Brass Hinges


At Ironmongery Experts, we supply a comprehensive collection of door hinges by Carlisle Brass. These hinges come in various finishes and can be used for a variety of doors, including gate doors, cabinet doors and entrance doors.


Amongst this range, we have in stock ball race hinges, washered hinges, concealed hinges and piano hinges. Ball race hinges have a steel ball bearing in between the knuckles and are available in two, three or four knuckle variations. Washered hinges come complete with phosphor bronze washers, making them a bit more specialised than ball race hinges.


Concealed hinges are also known as invisible hinges as these cannot be seen when a door is closed, giving the door a cleaner and aesthetically pleasing look. Within this range, we have available brass concealed hinges, stainless steel concealed hinges and nickel concealed hinges.


Finally, we supply Carlisle Brass piano hinges. Even though these hinges are called piano hinges, they can also be used for other applications besides securing piano lids. For instance, these hinges can be used on toolboxes, lockers, security doors, shed doors and more.


In case you require any other type of door hinge, feel free to browse through our full selection of door hinges for sale. From spring hinges and lift off hinges to parliament hinges and much more.