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Carlisle Brass Fan Light Catches

Carlisle Brass Fan Light Catches

Keep fanlight windows securely fastened with our Carlisle Brass fanlight catches. These are mainly used to open high level windows with a pole hook, however, can also be used on bottom hung casement windows, doors, cabinets, and more.


Our fanlight catches are available in various finishes, including polished chrome fanlight catches, polished brass fanlight catches and satin chrome fanlight catches.


To open and close bottom hung windows and high level windows, we have available quadrant arm stays, including polished chrome quadrant arm stays, polished brass roller arm stays, satin chrome quadrant arm stays and more.


Additionally, we supply hardware for casement windows. This includes casement fasteners that are used to lock casement windows as well as casement stays which hold casement windows open. These come in various designs and finishes to match the rest of your window hardware.


Sash window furniture is also in sure supply. For sash windows, we have available sash window handles, sash window fasteners and sash window pulleys, including polished brass sash window handles, polished chrome fitch sash fasteners and galvanised sash window axle pulleys.