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Carlisle Brass Sash Furniture

Carlisle Brass Sash Furniture

Our collection of Carlisle Brass sash furniture features D handles for sash windows. These are designed to help to pull down the top sash. We have available various handles with different finishes, including polished chrome sash handles, polished brass sash handles and satin chrome sash handles.


For sash windows, we also have available sash fasteners and sash window pulleys. Sash fasteners, such as our polished chrome fitch pattern sash fasteners, are used to secure sash windows in place, whilst sash window pulleys, such as our polished brass sash window pulley with brass wheel, are designed for sliding sash windows to aid the rise and fall mechanism.


In addition to our sash window ironmongery, we also have available ironmongery for other window types, including casement windows and fanlight windows.


For casement windows, we supply casement fasteners and casement stays. Amongst these, we have available polished chrome bulb end casement fasteners, polished brass reversible casement fasteners, polished brass bulb end casement stays, satin chrome Victorian casement stays and more.


For fanlight windows, we have available fanlight window catches and fanlight window quadrant arm stays. Fanlight window catches feature a circular catch which is designed to be operated with a pole hook to open and close fanlight windows, while quadrant arm stays are used to restrict the openness of a fanlight window.