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Carlisle Brass Bell Pushes

Carlisle Brass Bell Pushes

Upgrade your doorbell button with our stunning selection of Carlisle Brass bell pushes. These can fit any type of property, from traditional to modern. Within our stock, we have available polished brass bell pushes, bronze bell pushes, stainless steel bell pushes and much more.


A more traditional alternative to doorbell would be our door knockers by Carlisle Brass. We supply contemporary door knockers, such as Slimline stainless steel door knockers, as well as conventional door knocker’s, including polished chrome urn door knockers and brass lion’s head door knockers.


Entrance doors also require door numerals and door viewers. Door numerals are vital for any property as these help visitors easily find the right house, whilst door viewers offer extra security for homeowners to see who is outside their home without having to open the door.


Letter plates are also essential for front doors. We have available a large selection of Carlisle Brass letter plates, including polished chrome plain letter plates, brass letter plates with knockers, satin chrome letter plates and stainless steel letter plates. To cover the letter plate opening, we have available letter tidies. These will also give your front door a neater appearance and will reduce draughts.


To pull doors shut from the outside, we supply centre door knobs and door cylinder pulls. This range is inclusive of satin chrome cylinder pulls, bronze round centre door knobs, brass cylinder pulls, stainless steel centre door knobs and satin chrome round centre door knobs.