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Anvil Cabinet Hinges

Anvil Cabinet Hinges

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We supply a variety of From the Anvil cabinet hinges, including H hinges and HL hinges. These hinges can be used on internal doors, bi-folding doors, window shutters and cupboard doors. We have available a variety of other hinges, including tee hinges, butt hinges, casement hinges and decorative hinges.


Tee hinges have a long strap shaped like a “t” which is fitted on the door and a smaller leaf which is installed on the door frame. Large tee hinges are used on shed doors, garden gates, stable doors and cottage doors, whilst small tee hinges are used on cupboard doors, cabinet doors and wardrobe doors.


Butt hinges are the most popular type of hinge used in commercial and residential buildings. These hinges have two parts which hold together two objects. They can be found on doors, windows and even jewellery boxes.


Casement hinges are used to open and close casement windows. These hinges are weatherproof and some of them are also draughtproof.


Decorative hinges are highly ornamental but still functional. We have available french shutter hinges, butterfly hinges, half butterfly hinges, among many other hinges.