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Anvil Butt Hinges

Anvil Butt Hinges

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 Hinges are designed to help operate doors by easily swinging them open and close. Butt hinges are the most popular type of hinge used on commercial properties and residential homes. These hinges have two joints that match – one is installed to the door itself and the other one is fitted into the door frame.


Besides butt hinges, there is a variety of other hinges designed for various applications, including tee hinges, parliament hinges, cabinet hinges, casement window hinges and decorative hinges. Tee hinges have a long strap and come in a range of sizes. Small tee hinges, such as cast tee hinges, are used for cabinet and wardrobe doors, while large tee hinges can be used for braced doors, garden gates and other heavy doors.


To open doors flat against the wall, we would recommend using either parliament hinges or projection hinges. We have available various parliament hinges, including 4x2x4 parliament hinges, 4x3x5 parliament hinges and 4x4x6 parliament hinges. These hinges are ideal to clear architraves and window boards.

Additionally, we have available a selection of From the Anvil cabinet hinges, including H hinges and HL hinges. These hinges can be used for cabinet doors, cupboard doors, wardrobe doors, internal doors, and more. HL hinges provide extra strength for heavier, weak or damaged doors.


We also supply casement window hinges to help open and close wood, UPVC and aluminium casement windows, as well as decorative hinges, such as butterfly hinges and French shutter hinges.