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Anvil Casement Hinges

Anvil Casement Hinges

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In order to easily open and close casement windows, we have available a wide selection of From the Anvil casement hinges, from top hung friction hinges, side hung friction hinges, which are suitable for wood, UPVC and aluminium casement windows, as well as storm proof hinges, which come in a variety of finishes. We also supply french shutter hinges ideal for french shutter windows, among various other decorative hinges.


Additionally, we have available various other hinges to be used in other areas around the house, including butt hinges, tee hinges and cabinet hinges (HL hinges and H hinges). Butt hinges are the most common type of hinge used to put two wooden parts together, whether it is an interior door, exterior door, cupboard doors and pieces of furniture.


Tee hinges or T hinges have a shorter hinge, however, have a long leaf which is installed on the surface of the door. Large tee hinges can be found on large doors, traditional doors, garden gates and garage doors, while small tee hinges can be found on cupboard doors and cabinet doors.


HL hinges and H hinges take their name from their shape. Small H hinges can be used on cabinet doors, while larger H hinges are used on internal doors. HL hinges are typically used for heavy internal or external doors.