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Anvil Parliament Hinges

Anvil Parliament Hinges

Our From the Anvil parliament hinges are the perfect hinges for doors which have to fully open flat against the wall. These are usually used on french doors, doors which divide rooms and even windows. Parliament hinges are ideal to clear architraves and window boards; and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Other than parliament hinges, we have available a large selection of other types of hinges, including butt hinges. These are the most popular type of hinge used in residential and commercial properties.  Butt hinges have two identical parts which are installed on the door and on the door frame.


Tee hinges are also in sure supply. These are hinges with a long strap shaped like a “t”, thus the name, which is fitted on the door and the other part fitted on the door frame. Tee hinges are usually used on garden gates, entrance doors, cottage doors and other doors.


We have available cabinet hinges, including H hinges and HL hinges. Depending on the size of H hinges, these can be used on cupboard doors or internal doors. HL hinges are typically used on bifold doors, internal doors and window shutters.


To easily open and close casement windows, we supply casement hinges, including storm proof hinges which feature a weatherproof fit and side hung casement hinges which are both weatherproof and draughtproof.


Decorative hinges are both functional and ornamental. We have available pewter half butterfly hinges, black large butterfly hinges, Beeswax french shutter hinges, among other decorative hinges.